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Mental Wellbeing & Resilience Course
Mental Wellbeing & Resilience Course
This one-day session has been designed to support more

29-Sep-2017Funding from The Pargiter Trust The Pargiter Trust are providing funding to support groups who help disadvantaged older people to be independent, healthy and soc..

Tea & Chat Group - based in Chatham

Tea & Chat Group - based in Chatham

Impacts for Medway Residents

• Support group for parents/carers of young children & adolescents who are dealing with mental and emotional health issues. This includes: depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, aggression and more.
• They offer a listening ear to parents / carers.
• Signposting parents / carers to other support services.
• Offering invaluable support during difficult and uncertain times, helping to empower parents/carers to cope on a day to day basis.

How Medway Voluntary Action supported this organisation

The project was referred to MVA by Cllr. Vince Maple who had identified a need for the organisation to be formally constituted in order to develop funding streams.
MVA contacted the founder to discuss developing a constitution and ensuring proper procedures and insurances are in place. They were given access to the Charity Commission Model constitution for an unincorporated charity and supported to adapt and develop it to meet the needs of the organisation. Advice was given on:

• Developing a set of objects and a vision for the group going forwards
• Benchmarking and monitoring outcomes in order to strengthen funding bids
• Sources of potential funders, including Awards for All
• Drafting a funding bid.

Within 3 months, a constitution was in place and a group bank account opened, a strategic plan drafted and a questionnaire developed in order to measure their impact. The group now has a management committee, a 3 year strategic plan and has secured a small amount of funding to enable the group to continue in the short term (with ongoing advice from MVA to secure longer-term sustainable funding).