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2020 Training Brochure - Voluntary and Education Sector

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2020 Training Brochure - Private Sector

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Cyber Security Training
Cyber Security Training
Cyber Awareness is an absolute necessity in modern more

14-Mar-2017The Chance to Rebuild a Family after a Separation – Kent Family Mediation Services Kent Family Mediation Services continue to offer help and support to deal with family disputes. With the season of Mothers ..

Volunteering and Re-integrating adults

I made a leap of faith from the private sector to the third sector just over 9 months ago. I wanted my 40 hours a week to actually have an impact in real terms….not profit….but people. So I came to work for wHoo Cares, a small organisation with big dreams. With a team of only 3 staff and 30 volunteers, our aim is to tackle social isolation and support vulnerable adults in a rural area of Medway. Previously I worked for a facilities management company that employed over 300 staff and although I managed staff I had a wonderful HR department that I could turn to for support. We butted heads a few times but at the end of the day they had the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions and it was their call. The buck stopped with them…. read more

Georgia Smith