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Supporting People Living with Psychosis & Personality Disorders
Supporting People Living with Psychosis & Personality Disorders
Providing awareness regarding living with psychosis and personality disorders, more

03-Aug-2020A new mentoring initiative for charities in Kent and Medway Charity Mentors Kent and Medway ( is a new in initiative established at the suggestion of the K..

10 Principles for Working with Children – Safe Guarding Postcards from the Alexi Project



The Alexi Project has recently published a series of helpful postcards which provide guidance and an easier understanding of working with children based around young people’s experiences of CSE services.

Produced by The International Centre (Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking) based at University of Bedfordshire, The Alexi Project set about extending the coverage and reach of child sexual exploitation (CSE) services in England, by the roll out of 16 new services and reviewing and evaluating the development of those services.

The intention of the project was to protect more children and young people from abuse, as well as improve local responses to CSE.

Through working with a Young Researcher's Advisory Panel, the University’s Project have filtered and combined their responses, opinions and messages into 10 principles for working with young people affected by CSE.

The Project then commissioned the artist Una to illustrate these principles and have turned them into 10 postcards that can be shared online and in print form with professionals.

Described in simple text and colourful graphics, the postcards clearly define the principles of working with young people based on the experiences reported within the project:

As well as these 10 postcards, The Project also provides a PowerPoint presentation for BOTH Mac and PC containing an additional 8 images - all produced by Una Comics for the CSE Principles Comics Project - for use in training, and to support the development of good practice.

For more details about the project and the PowerPoint presentation , visit the Project website.



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