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29-Sep-2017Voluntary Sector Meeting by Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership – October The Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership will be hosting a series of events giving Voluntary Sector group..

Listen to my Thoughts - A Film Supporting Young Children Affected by Parkinson’s Disease



A film made to raise awareness among teachers and other professionals who engage with young children affected by a parent with Parkinson’s disease or similar ‘hidden disabilities’, is now available from Plymouth University.

The lives of a significant number of primary school-aged children and younger are thought to be affected by having a parent with Parkinson’s: And it is has recently been documented that there is no real support for them, or to inform the professionals who interact with them.

Parkinson’s disease is now starting to be recognised as condition which does not just affect the elderly; but as parents have children later in life, it is said that so too the risk of developing the disease increases whilst the children are still quite young.

As a result, there is no recognised support for young children who struggle with the effects of an ailing parent, as well as the complex issues and problems this disease can have on a family.

And because of the condition, families are under stress and have little support from teachers, care workers and other professionals who have not been properly informed to understand their needs.

Now there is and information resource which is available for teachers and professionals who interact with young children.

A group of people with Parkinson’s in the South West who are members of the Peninsula Parkinson’s Excellence Network (PenPEN) have worked with Parkinson’s UK and Parkinson’s experts and researchers at Plymouth University to produce a film.

Designed to explain how teachers and other professionals can help children in this situation, this FREE resource, which includes the film and accompanying text with links for useful information.

Called “Listen to my Thoughts”, the film follows the experiences of Jess, a primary school pupil and her mum has Parkinson’s. It shows some of what she has to deal with at home and at school, and ultimately indicates the mutual benefits when she, her parents and her teacher communicate and understand the impact Parkinson’s has on life at home.

As well as providing expertise, Parkinson’s UK also funded the resource, with additional support provided by the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care South West Peninsula (NIHR PenCLAHRC).

The film is available for FREE , and can be viewed on the Plymouth University Project site. For more information visit the University website.



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