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Stress Management – 1st Aid for Stress
Stress Management – 1st Aid for Stress
The course will look at stress from the more

17-Jul-2017For Benefits and Grants Access for Individuals – Turn2Us Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship to get access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and ..

Blackbaud offers Free Resources for Charities to continue their work On-line amid COVID-19 Pandemic


International technology company Blackbaud Europe is one of many organisations providing free solutions for charities to continue their fundraising work online. 

Over a month has passed since the charity sector saw a dramatic change to the way it has had to operate. Shops in high streets having to close their doors to the public, and the postponing or revising of social gatherings which were aimed at raising money or other good cause are just some of the adjustments charities have had to make.

As a result some community groups, charities and similar enterprise have managed to move across to the digital arena. And whilst some have the resource to access the platform, and gained some success in doing so, for most others where this national emergency is having an effect on their fundraising abilities, the unforeseen move across to providing their products or services by digital means is a daunting prospect to say the least.

But in light of the unavoidable lockdown and other circumstance that coronavirus pandemic brings, and with the growing number of guidance and resources starting to appear; charities are finding ways to deal with the challenge and continue fundraising in the digital arena.

One of the many organisations providing resources is Blackbaud Europe. Blackbaud have launched a free online resource aimed at helping charities reconsider how they can raise the funds and host events during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Blackbaud COVID-19 Response Guide contains guidance and advice for best practice for charities and similar groups to follow so that they can carry on raising monies and provide the much needed products or services during these exceptional and challenging times.

For more information, visit the Blackbaud website.

MVA continues its efforts to provide guidance and advice during these challenging times for us all. For further help and information visit our designated COVID-19 section . You can also contact us via the website.



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