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Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
The prevention and management of violence and aggression more

30-May-2017The Ultimate Team Challenge - KM Charity Dragon Boat Race 2017 The race is on to secure a place as teams enter for the 2017 KM Dragon Boat Race and raise funds for their..

Call for Applications from Hilden Charitable Fund


The Hilden Charitable Fund is once again making a call for applications to support work at the community level.

Created as an all-purpose charitable trust, The Hilden Charitable Fund has a continued interest in the third world and in minorities. The trustees also have an interest in benefitting minorities and less fortunate, however defined, in the UK.

The aim of The Fund is to address disadvantage; especially by supporting causes which are not expected to raise funds from public subscription, known sometimes as 'unpopular causes.'

The Trustees' policy is to address needs by looking at and funding specific projects' costs; they believe that greater value can be added by meeting these expenses, as most charities find fundraising for core costs the most challenging.

Capital or revenue funding averaging £5,000 is available to not-for-profit groups, such as charities in the UK, and non-governmental organisations in the developing world.

Grants are available in the UK for projects whose work concentrates around:

  • Homelessness
  • Penal affairs
  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Community based enterprises for less fortunate young people aged 16 to 25 years.

Focused mainly for supporting work at the community level, The Fund is especially interested in hearing from projects who address the needs and potential of girls and women.

Grants are also available in developing countries for projects concerned with Community development, Education and Health.

Because The Fund is seen as a continuous rolling programme, applications can be accepted at any time. But Hilden says a decision on any applications will only be assessed at their next trustee meeting on Thursday September 12th 2019.

For more information, and how to apply, visit the Hilden website.


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