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21-Jul-2017The 2017 Grassroots Giving Programme from Skipton Building Society Running for its fifth year in a row, Skipton Building Society is still taking applications for its Grassroots Giving programm..

Call for Applications from the Downlands Educational Trust


The Downlands Educational Trust continue their call for applications from educational groups who work to support children and young people with special needs.

The Downlands Educational Trust is a grant-making charity that supports the education of children and young people with special needs, mostly those arising from dyslexia or similar a condition and in need of special education or treatment.

The Trust operate by making grants to charitable schools and other registered charities specialising in these fields in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Downlands are currently providing grants of around £3,000 to charities and non-state schools in various counties whose beneficiaries are predominantly children with special educational needs.

The Trust would focus their efforts towards those with dyslexia, but not excluding other disabilities.

Applicants can apply for grants towards the cost of particular items of equipment and other specific projects, which can include training courses.

Favoured items include books, musical instruments, IT hardware or software, outdoor play equipment, physiotherapy equipment, or other detail to develop communication skills.

The application deadline for this season is 10th September 2017, with further dates to be announced later.

For more information and how to apply, please visit their website.



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