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Writing Effective Press Releases
Writing Effective Press Releases
Raising your press profile can raise funds! Discover more

06-Jul-2020Back to Work, Flexibly – New Development from Government’s Coronavirus Furlough Scheme, July 2020 July will see employers being able to bring back workers on a part-time basis, where the employer will have to pay..

Charity Digital - 2021 Giving Days calendar



Non-profit technologist Blackbaud Europe have created a 2021 calendar that contains key giving and awareness days, designed to help charities plan campaign timelines and social schedules.

Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch fundraising and awareness campaigns, especially now through online events and social media alerts.

Newscaster Charity Digital recently announced that Blackbaud Europe have created a new downloadable 2021 Giving Days calendar, designed to help charities plan campaign timelines and social schedule for the year ahead.

Charity Digital suggests this FREE digital resource could help charities to plan their fundraising campaigns around relevant dates that align with their cause, as well as allow them to identify busy periods that may be best to avoid.

Charity Digital advises due to the uncertain times we live in, this wall planner has been turned into an editable PDF file, which enables teams to:

  • Fully download and edit.
  • Save it in a shared location.
  • Work together on filling the calendar, even out of the office.

To find out more and download this FREE calendar, visit the Charity Digital website.



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