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Living with ADHD
Living with ADHD
Course aims to provide current information on living more

17-May-2017‘Healthy Future’ Programme from Bupa UK Foundation Bupa UK Foundation is still taking applications from UK based projects that focus on the health and wellbeing of young adult..

Charity Digital - A Guide to Planning Fundraising Events in 2021


Newscaster Charity Digital has recently released an on-line guide to help charities adapt and plan fundraising events for the future in light of the pandemic.

This year has been far from normal for charity fundraising. Planned activities had been disrupted due to COVID-19, with over half of charities having to cancel or postpone events and substantially more of them seeing their income decrease this year because of the challenges arising from the pandemic.

Where it is recognised that the services and products from charities have been needed now more than ever, the pressure for charities is to carry on delivering whilst keeping in mind the restrictions and limitations brought on because of the pandemic; and one of the sector’s biggest concerns is continuing to raise funds, not least for delivering those much needed services but also for their continuation as a whole.

National newscaster Charity Digital looks to address this. They have recently published an on-line guide to help charities continue with their fundraising activities in light of the on-going pandemic. It explores adapting to the ‘new normal’, as well as look at some unique styles of events which charities can organise in order to continue their much appreciated work within community.

To read the on line guide, visit the Charity Digital website.



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