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10-Jul-2020From Discovery to Enterprise - The Test Bed Fund from MVA’s Befriending Programme MVA is managing the award of grants to local organisations who are working to provide services and activities w..

Charity Digital Explores the Past, the Present and Future of the Charity Sector amid COVID-19


Newscaster Charity Digital report how COVID-19 has changed the way charities operate, and what the crisis means for the sector.

The Coronavirus, the lockdown and challenges it brought along with it, not least the economic trials many individuals have had to deal with; in one aspect or another, the pandemic may have caught many of us off guard.

Charities will be needed now more than ever; as household budgets become tightened, with fundraising events needing to be postponed, even the future of public sector contracts at risk, charities still have challenging times ahead of them.

The pandemic has brought up a lot of important questions for people running a charity, such as the possibility of providing their products or services remotely; through to adapting in long term that particular charity’s ways of working or the way they generate income for them to continue.

It can also be said the pandemic has revealed potential for opportunity.

We don’t have to return to the way things were completely, instead we can look to accept and engage with this ‘new normal’, to benefit the sector and help better those who are dependent on the products or services that charities provides. And the extent of how far we want to change can depend on how much we want to see that change.

Charity Digital explores this, reporting on how COVID-19 has changed the way charities operate, as well as what this means for the sector - past, present and future.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.



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