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Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding Children
The aim of the session is to provide more

25-Sep-2018Now’s the Time – Part of the Justice and Equality Fund from Rosa UK Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, is inviting applications from across the UK for the first round of its Justice and Equal..

Designing Future Health Services - Potential Changes to East Kent Hospitals


The NHS in east Kent recently announced the next stage of proposed development for potential changes to local care and hospital services, with a look to design modern health services that are high quality, meet people’s changing needs and are sustainable for years to come.

The NHS in East Kent covers the four Clinical Commissioning Groups of Ashford; Canterbury & Coastal, South Kent Coast, and Thanet.

This is a combined population of around 700,000 people.

The NHS in east Kent published a Case for Change in 2016. They have been working hard since then to bring improvements to local services, some of which have already been introduced.

Their plans cover all aspects of NHS services including GPs, community nursing and therapy, hospital care and mental health. They are also working closely with the ambulance service, social care, care homes and local voluntary and community organisations.

Engaging with patients, the public and other stakeholders has also been an important part of developing their plans from the original case for change through to the services’ current proposals.

As part of the proposed developments for changes to local care, they will also be looking for feedback on the current thinking from people outside of east Kent; the hospitals provide specialist services for patients from other areas and recognise they may be affected by the changes.

The NHS in east Kent say there will be a further public consultation on the proposals in 2019. More information on the overall proposals for services within east Kent and an outline of the next steps, visit the east Kent NHS website.



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