The Employee Assistance Line – Part of Mindful Employer Plus



April will see the launch of a new service, for employees and management alike, designed to help and support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of company staff.

The Employee Assistance Line is a service from Mindful Employer (ME), an initiative run through the Workways group, part of the Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

The Assistance Line will provide telephone helplines for staff and managers and will offer a listening ear, immediate guidance and signposting to further advice.

The line will be hosted by Counselling in Company (CIC), a support organisation that provides a range of support for employers in the UK and abroad. As well as full Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) service, they also provide ad hoc counselling, critical incident support, support for managers, a whistleblowing service; and specialist cancer support.

CIC say they will be manning the helpline with fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists; with those taking calls to the Managerial Adviceline having expert training in human behaviour and relationships, and have management experience.

The Assistance Line is part of Mindful Employer Plus (ME+), and will be exclusively available to companies who become part of the Mindful Employer Charter.

In becoming part of the Charter, Mindful Employer advises this would show a company is placing a commitment to staff mental wellbeing.

To find out more about ME+, or about their charter, you can visit the Mindful Employer website.



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