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Fundraising Regulator Publishes Charities Act Reporting Guidance, February 2020


The Fundraising Regulator has published guidance for charities on new requirements for reporting and fundraising agreements in the 2016 Charities Act.

The Fundraising Regulator recently published guidance to help charities comply with the fundraising reporting requirements in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

The Trustee’s Guide to Charity Fundraising from the Charity Commission clearly advises that a trustee should make sure their charity’s approach to fundraising is compliant with charity law and best practice.

Good reporting and participation in the voluntary system of fundraising regulation operated by the Fundraising Regulator demonstrates that trustees are taking these responsibilities seriously.

Already in effect following amendments to the 2016 Act, the requirements affect charities in England and Wales working with third party commercial participators or professional fundraisers, as well as those that have to have their accounts audited:

Under the Act, a charity is required to provide a statement on fundraising in their annual report. However, a study recently made by the Fundraising Regulator of over 100 annual reports that were filed with the Charity Commission found less than half of charities included a fundraising statement that met requirements.

Charities are advised to make sure they are compliant with the new requirements when producing their annual reports and accounts for the first financial year that start after November 2016 (whether it is the 2017 calendar year or the financial year 2017-18).

For more information, visit the Funding Regulator’s website.



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