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Cyber Security Training
Cyber Security Training
Cyber Awareness is an absolute necessity in modern more

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Getting Safe and Staying Safe Online – Charity Digital share Anti-fraud Tips from NCSC



Charities can be as much as a target for fraudsters as any other organisation. Following the recent Charity Fraud Awareness Week, newscaster Charity Digital share key tips from national directorate NCSC designed to protect your organisation.

Although it ultimately falls on Trustees to safeguard a charity’s assets, everyone involved with a charity should have an interest and be concerned in keeping it safe. And any kind of organisation, especially those which have an online presence, can be a target for fraudsters.

Unfortunately, charities are no exception to fraud, as criminals do not recognise any difference between an organisation that operate for profit, to one that has charitable aims.

Following on from our recent report, with the introduction and the expansion of the web, fraud has increased even more because the Internet has given criminals the opportunity to carry on their activities anonymously; so as more of our business is carried out online, so too the greater possibility that we could fall victim to fraud.

In one of the most recent national reviews from financial advisory group Crowe UK, fraud cost the UK £190 Billion, of which £2.3 Billion of this was the estimated loss to the charity sector.

If defrauded, charities not only face financial losses but could also suffer damage to their reputation, as well as loss of confidence from not only the people who rely on their products or services, but also from those who donate to them.

Charity Digital share support guidance from UK directorate the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), about the concerns that charity staff need to be aware of, and how to deal with them. Showcasing highlights from a recent anti-fraud conference held online, they provide tips that include:

They also provide details from NCSC on how to reduce the threats from ransomware and phishing.

To read the article, or to find out more about fraud prevention, visit the Charity Digital website.



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