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Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
The prevention and management of violence and aggression more

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Here to Help, Not Be Hurt – A Campaign to Prevent Abuse on Staff from Medway NHS



Medway NHS Foundation Trust has recently launched a zero tolerance campaign to tackle threats of violence, abuse or harassment against staff, asking local people to respect the dedicated NHS staff who care for them.

In the past three years, more than 1,800 separate incidents of violence and aggression have been reported by people who work at Medway Hospital; with a recent staff survey also showing over 14 per cent of staff experiencing violence from patients, their relatives or the public in the past year.

The sentiment from the Security Management Specialists for Medway NHS is that their Security Team work really hard to provide a safe environment and to protect the Hospital grounds, which is achieved through regular security patrols and CCTV monitoring, as well as through staff liaising directly with Kent Police to help reduce crime in the area.

"A large majority of the general public treat the Hospital staff with respect and are grateful for the care they receive."

However, the Hospital has a zero tolerance policy for those individuals who do not, and if a member of the public commits physical or racially aggravated assault, they would be excluded from the site immediately whilst the Hospital would always seek police prosecution; repeat offenders of lesser offences would also be excluded.

The sentiment from the Chief Executive of the Trust said is that the Hospital staff work incredibly hard to provide the very best of care to the immediate and surrounding communities.

They go on to say that staff should never have to work in an environment where they fear for their own safety, and that it is hoped their zero tolerance campaign acts as a reminder to members of the public that “ is completely unacceptable for (hospital) staff to be subject to any form of violence or aggression.”

The Hospital’s awareness campaign forms just one part of a wider violence and aggression project being under taken by the Trust to improve the safety of staff.

For more details, visit the Medway NHS Foundation Trust’s website.



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