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Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
Providers of social care need to comply with more

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Inclusivity and Empowerment – Next Phase of ‘My Whole Self’ by Mental Health First Aid


National organisation Mental Health First Aid recently launched new resources as part of their continued efforts to the My Whole Self campaign.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) says that in this day and age we should not have to leave parts of our identity behind, whether that is our cultural or ethnic background, gender identity, sexuality, or health.

That said, a recent report from Business in the Community (BitC) shows many People of Colour and Black people say they have to hide parts of their identity at work, stating that 33% of Black employees feel that their ethnicity would be a barrier to their next career move compared to only 1% of White employees.

So, as the next phase to their My Whole Self campaign, MHFA are calling for inclusive and empowering workplace culture change, and have released resources to help employers accomplish this.

MHFA say an ‘all-inclusive’ workplace can build cultures where people feel valued and safe, enabling people to focus on the job in hand and boost productivity through innovation. MHFA say ‘..Workplaces play a key role in creating a society where everyone’s mental health matters.’

To find out more, and to view the resources, visit the MHFA website.



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