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Living with ADHD
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Keep It Local - Locality Launches Campaign for Commissioning Best Practices



A national community organisation has labelled current commissioning trends as counterproductive and inefficient, and has launched a campaign to keep commissioning local.

Locality, the national network of community organisations, says that the current trend among Councils of standardising services and outsourcing contracts to big national charities and multinational companies is counterproductive.

It says that this approach introduces “complex and inefficient contracts and often uses more resources than a larger number of smaller contracts”.

To answer this, Locality has launched a guide demonstrating the practical steps that can be taken to make sure money is spent in the right way to reach the right outcomes for communities.

Locality’s guide bases itself around five steps as part of their Keep it Local campaign; locality say this will provide services which are more responsive to local and individual need:

  • Taking a place-based approach
  • Demonstrating social value
  • Committing to building community capacity
  • Imposing a maximum value on contracts so as not to exclude smaller, local providers
  • Involving local people through co-design.

A YouGov survey, commissioned by Locality, of over 2,000 adults found that nearly 60 per cent of people had experienced problems using public services, with 32 per cent saying that public services were not currently meeting all their needs.

The poll also found that 83 per cent are afraid that, in the future, some public services will cease to exist or will no longer be free of charge.

Locality has also produced a Keep it Local network to go alongside the campaign for councillors, commissioners and supporters to join.

The main sentiment from Locality is that commissioning should aim to make public service delivery local ‘by default’; building communities of care essential to long-term wellbeing. This, Locality advise, would save money, provide active support for local providers, and make sure of services tailored for local needs, resulting in communities achieving economic resilience.

For more information on the campaign and accompanying guide, visit the Locality website.



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