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Learning Disability and Managing Challenging Behaviour
Learning Disability and Managing Challenging Behaviour
The course will enable organisations to have an more

25-Apr-2017New Efforts to Tackle Homelessness – The Homeless Reduction Bill The Government has recently confirmed that Councils are to receive a further £48 million funding to help them deliver new and expa..

Keeping People Safe - Resources Available to Help Handle a Safeguarding Allegation


Everyone in an organisation should be involved in safeguarding, and should become part of day to day activity.

It’s about being ready to respond safely and well if there is a problem, creating a safe and welcoming environment, making sure your organisation is run so that it prevents harm, harassment, bullying, abuse and neglect, which is at the heart of safeguarding.

As part of the UK Government’s new safeguarding portal people can use a new tool to assist them in handling an allegation of abuse or harm that may have been carried out by a person in their charity.

The Government’s tool is there to help you navigate the process of handling a concern or allegation. It can help to identify the right people and agencies for you to contact, and can also allow you to print a record of the actions you have taken.

For more guidance to help you use the tool visit the Government website.



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