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Lone Working
Lone Working
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21-Jun-2017Volunteering – Going That Extra Mile Thinking about our volunteering ‘offer’ in different ways can help us to reach people who previously may not have thought that ..

Keeping Well at Home amid COVID-19 – Booklet Available from MCH


A booklet is now available to download from Medway Community Healthcare (MCH), containing lots of helpful advice about keeping well at home .

It can be seen that the response to COVID-19 has been through digital technology to help keep members of the public up-to-date on the latest government advice, as well as for providing support to those that have been asked to self-isolate.

However, the change from face to face interaction to using digital communication can exclude some older people. As one of the groups that have been affected the most by the pandemic, many do not have access to the internet or sufficient support on how to use it.

In a report made by NHS Digital, over 11 Million people in the UK do not have digital skills and nearly 5 Million people do not go online – over half of these people were found to be aged over 65. Another report found that older people in low-income groups and those in isolated or less-fortunate communities are particularly affected.

In order to communicate with those currently isolating, there is an increasing movement and need to find non-digital routes.

To address this, and as part of their ongoing activities to support Medway amid the pandemic, a booklet is now available to download from Medway Community Healthcare (MCH), the booklet contains lots of helpful advice about keeping well at home, and is specifically aimed at households with older people or those living with pre-existing health conditions.

For more details and to download the booklet, visit the MCH website.


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