Medway Cultural Strategy - Open Space


GJG Consultancy are are inviting everyone in Medway to help us create a new Cultural Strategy for people and places in Medway. They are doing this using an Open Space approach which will be a fun and engaging participative experience hosted at the Corn Exchange in Rochester on 18th January 2020.

The open space session to be hosted at the Rochester Corn Exchange is an opportunity for deeper engagement in the cultural strategy theme setting. The session is for a wider and less formally linked parts of the cultural sector which includes more engaged members of the public and will use Open Space Technology (OST). OST is a way for groups to think, talk and take action together. It can work for as few as five people, and as many as 5000.

Participants will self-organise to create their own agenda on the day, allowing a dynamic and immediate response to the issues at hand. The process allows free-flowing conversations about the things that really matter to the people in the room.

Open Space Technology can shift cultures both towards a more responsible and more pragmatic outlook. Over the last 25 years, OST has been used across the world in an incredible range of contexts: to design aeroplane doors, resolve land disputes, and address economic, environmental, social, political and artistic issues of every kind. Harrison Owen invented the process.
The OST meetings will be used to gain a wider understanding of the perceived impact of the previous cultural strategy. Additionally, they will be used to develop a hierarchy of needs that will be addressed through the themes of the new.

To find out more and to register for this event click here.



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