MVA Annual VCSE Survey


Every year MVA surveys what the not-for-profit sector in Medway delivers, who it delivers to, what resource it has to do its work with and the key challenges it faces.  Evaluations and summaries of this data are then shared with statutory and non-statutory stakeholders to help inform public policies and strategies in Medway.

MVA also survey the not-for-profit sector to assess the impact of MVA’s support on the challenges faced by local organisations and groups.  This data is then used to review their service provision and continuously develop their support.

MVA have recently published the most recent Annual Survey on their website, making available the full 33-page survey along with an infographic that highlights some key data from the survey - this includes facts such as:

- 45% of survey responders report that providing information and advice is one of their main activies

- 67% of survey responders said that increasing awareness of their organisation is one of their main challenges

If data like this could be helpful to you and your organisation, visit MVA's website today.




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