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Time Management
Time Management
An introduction to time management encouraging participants to more

27-Jul-2020News Round-up, July 2020 Here is a collection of local and national news events related to COVID-19 that you might find ..

New Financial Capability Information and Support page is now LIVE at MVA website



Providing a wealth of information and support that is available locally, this new webpage aims to help local residents to feel more confident to access and engage with existing local support.

Your service users can access resources that will help them to explore financial capability skills and feel more motivated to connect with existing support available to them.

It is widely recognised that the Covid-19 crisis will have a significant economic impact and that the most vulnerable in our communities need more help than ever - so MVA hope that these new web resources might prove useful when you are supporting your own service users.

Click here to go directly to the page

Why have MVA launched this new webpage?

Medway Voluntary Action were funded by NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund to deliver a project to help build confidence and skills with people in the local area and, due to the Covid-19 crisis, MVA have secured their agreement to share with you the resources and support gathered during this project.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties then take a look at the resources on the page – and then why not get in touch one of the many voluntary groups and organisations in Medway who may be able to help you, you’ll find their contact information on this page too.



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