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Managing Volunteers
Managing Volunteers
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07-Aug-2017For Rent – Professional Office Space from Citizens Advice Medway Set in the centre of the busy town of Gillingham, Kent, directly opposite the train station (

Protecting your Charity from the Dark Web - Charity Digital answers your Questions


Newscaster Charity Digital has recently published an article to help charities understand and defend against the threat of the Dark Web.

We are all aware that the internet is now so big it is beyond our grasp or understanding. Let’s just agree it’s massive.

We know about YouTube, we know about Google, Facebook and eBay, more recently the likes of Instagram and Tik Tok. But what many of us often don’t realise is how much deeper the internet goes beyond those respectable and recognisable websites.

The elusive dark web is something we’ve often heard about, but very few people properly understand what it is or, more importantly, how dangerous it can be.

Amongst the many aspects or concerns about this electronic (and secret) landscape, one of the main worries is the various kinds of personal data and information on individuals that ends up on the dark web - Which are often traded between cybercriminals and often used for fraud and online attacks.

Newscaster Charity Digital are looking to address this with their article covering what charities can do to prevent a serious data breach or cyber-attack on the Dark Web.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.



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