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Leading and Managing Change
Leading and Managing Change
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The Chance to Rebuild a Family after a Separation – Kent Family Mediation Services


The largest and most widely recognised family mediation service in Kent

Kent Family Mediation Services continue to offer help and support to deal with family disputes.

With the season of Mothers Day celebrations coming up shortly, you can imagine the number of cards and presents that would be brought during this period.

As an example, the Office of National Statistics reported last year there are 12.7 Million families living in the UK. If every Mother were to receive a card, that would have been a lot of cards...

Gingerbread, a charity for single parents, have also reported there are also about 2 Million single parents now living in the UK.

This highlights the unfortunate fact that because of a breakup within a family a great number of Mothers, and even Grandmothers, may not get a Mother’s Day card.

The sentiment from the charity Kent Family Mediation Service (KFMS) is that when a there is a breakdown in the relationship between parents, most often there is a change in the underlying situation of their family unit.

If the family did not separate in a respectful or agreeable way, then this could cause a great deal of resentment or anger between both parents, grandparents, even extended family members; especially if there are issues which have not been decided upon; such as issues over money; child maintenance or child contact, even the family home.

This too could unfortunately lead to children losing contact with the other parent and that parent’s family.

But; there are ways in which bridges can be re-built. Where two people can settle and make compromises; where they once did not agree they can have a more mutual if not friendly relationship.

Family Mediation is a service from KFMS that works by giving people of opposing views the chance to sit down in a neutral environment, with an independent and trained Family Mediator. It gives them the opportunity to talk about delicate issues and to look at things from all different points of view, and at the same time diffuse any conflict and negative feelings.

KFMS say this allows both sides to focus on the facts and to find a way forward by creating a mutual agreement, which can be made legally binding without the need to go to court.

These agreements do not necessarily have to be about children, they could include other matters which can include concerns over a property, a pension or a will, or other general finances.

KFMS has professional, accredited family mediators based in 12 venues across Kent. They can help families resolve all the practical, legal, emotional, and financial issues that arise from separation. More importantly, they can help families make long lasting arrangements that benefit their children.

Legal Aid remains available those who are assessed as being eligible to claim it, which can entitle them to free family mediation.

For more information about KFMS and the other services they provide, visit the charity’s website.



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