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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
The SOVA (formerly POVA) course raises awareness of more

25-Apr-2017Preservation and Social Welfare Grants from Pilgrim Trust The Pilgrim Trust are continuing their call for applications from UK groups and organisations whose work involves social welfar..

Recover Donations by taking it Online – How Virtual Events can help Charities and Fundraising


Charity Digital provides some insight into how charities can use virtual events as a solution to their fundraising concerns in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although these last couple of months have been challenging for the sector, charities and fundraisers are evolving their work to deliver a different sort of product or service. There are now supporters from a wide range of generations, producing fundraising and home-based content; with events like the 2.6 Challenge offering people the chance to modify their own fundraising experience – and the achievements of Captain Tom Moore showing that age and ability can’t stop people getting involved and making a difference.

With those challenges met and overcome by charities, now new challenges appear in the form of the need for them to create some kind of long-term plan to carry on bringing in funding and donations so they can continue serving their local community.

Online newscaster Charity Digital examines a possible solution, by looking at the use of virtual events, and how charities could take that different approach in order to find a way forward. 

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.



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