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Living with ADHD
Living with ADHD
Course aims to provide current information on living more

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​Staying Safe Whilst Having Fun – Protecting Children in a Digital World


In an ever-changing world that is the Internet, parents and carers would always be concerned about a child’s online safety.

The internet can provide a wealth of fun and opportunity for children and youngsters, with plenty of worthwhile resources they can learn from.

But if their usage is not monitored, it can also be a hazardous environment where they can be exposed or vulnerable to things like:

  • Online grooming,
  • Cyber-bullies
  • Scammers and Phishing
  • Malware and
  • Identity theft

Regardless of this, it should still be seen that the benefits and opportunity of the technology can outweigh the risks, so children should not be stopped from using the internet.

But with our lifestyles becoming more demanding and eventful, it can be ever more challenging to keep an eye on their every step online.

Although it would be good to have control of what children do on the internet, it is almost impossible to keep track (plus scrutinising every single mouse-click that a child may do could not only discourage their trust, it may be seen as smothering them instead).

Wizcase is an established forum of experts who have experience in testing and evaluating cybersecurity tools and products. They have recently released a comprehensive guide about online safety for kids, (as recommended by covering various areas such from pointing out the dangers and risks to children, and direction for a child’s first cell phone; through to providing resources for privacy and parental control and security settings for devices.

Nord VPN is a recognised and growing organisation specialising in online security solutions. They have also updated their available online safety tips for kids and parents, such as explaining why privacy matters and cybersecurity, through to managing privacy settings for social media.

Thinkuknow is the education programme from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), now part of the UK’s National Crime Agency. CEOP works to protect children, both online and offline. They have extensive guidelines and advice for parents and carers to help children of various age groups stay safe when online whether on phone or computer.

Internet Matters also provide comprehensive advice for and guidance for parents and carers to keep children safe in the digital world, which includes an easy-to-follow Online Safety Guide.

Internet usage by young people is becoming more mobile and interactive, offering children the opportunity to interact and meet new people, so it’s never been more important to make sure you are helping your child stay safe in the digital world.

By providing awareness of potential dangers online through available guides, and taking on board some of the advice and help that is out there, the digital world can still be an entertaining educational and safe environment for children and youngsters alike.


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