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Supervision and Appraisal Skills
Supervision and Appraisal Skills
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20-Sep-2017Medway NHS Foundation Trust Annual General Meeting – September 2017 Medway NHS Foundation Trust (Medway Maritime Hospital) has recently announced their Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking pl..

The Charity Commission - Changes Introduced for Updating Charity Details



The Charity Commission will be putting improvements in place to improve their service so charities can keep their details up-to-date as soon as they change.

All charities must keep their details up-to-date by law. The Commission says they will be improving the current service so charities can keep a regular check on your details, and update them when they change.

Because of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The Charity Commission must let people know if any of their personal information is updated on the register of charities. They say simplest and quickest way of doing this will be to email the given charity when their information is updated.

The Commission says they will also use email to help trustees comply with charity law and run their charity effectively, by sending important regulatory alerts and updates.

They will also be asking charities check that the register details for their trustees remain up to date. This includes adding any new trustees and their contact details. They also ask that charities the details of any trustees who are no longer involved with that charity.

As part of service improvements The Charity Commission will ask that all trustees supply their email address, or confirm that they do not have one.

The Charity Commission says they are planning for these improvements update charity details service to go live during the autumn of 2018.

For more information, visit the Charity Commission website.



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