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Smartphone Photography: Improving Your Skills
Smartphone Photography: Improving Your Skills
Whilst most people have a camera on their more

11-Oct-2017Vacancy – Grants Administrator and Funding Manager from Kent Community Foundation Kent Community Foundation is currently taking applications for Grants Administrator and Funding Manager positions with their organ..

The 'Hero Up' Initiative - How Gaming is Helping People talk about their Mental Health



National newscaster Charity Digital report about gaming, mental health and COVID-19 in support of a new digital enterprise set up by Help for Heroes.

In these challenging times, the pandemic has certainly made its presence felt on the nation’s mental health, where many of us have lost a lot of our traditional support systems. We have all had to find ways to adapt, even new ways to stay connected.

A number of charities operate hotlines, where people who are struggling with mental health can phone in and talk to someone. There has also been an increase in the use of chatbots for this purpose too. But what about the people that find it hard to open up without a focal point to the conversation?

Leading veterans support charity Help for Heroes is offering a way of reaching them through gaming.

Charity Digital report on how Help for Heroes are delivering a number of services to minimise feelings of isolation and demotivation, including the Hero Up Initiative, which helps to keep veterans and families engaged.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.



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