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Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Workplace
The prevention and management of violence and aggression more

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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Date: To be confirmed, please see below

Time: 3 Hours

Trainer: Clare Saunders

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Course Description

It is a legal requirement, for organisations and individuals alike, to adhere to the Equality Act 2010. This session is designed to help organisations to increase and develop their staff/volunteers depth of knowledge, understanding and appreciation in relation to Equality & Diversity. Appropriate as an introduction and/or refresher on the subject.

What you can expect to learn

• Understand what is meant by ‘equality’ and be able to consider how it can be promoted.
• Discuss the benefits of diversity within organisations, and to self and community
• Understand the importance of Equality & Diversity for an organisation
• Understand the core elements of the Equality Act 2010
• Recognise offences such as indirect and direct discrimination, victimisation and harassment
• Identify behaviours, language and attitudes that can be applied demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity
• Recognise Organisational Culture’s impact on diversity
• Describe what to do when facing unfair treatment (of self or of others)

Course details


Half Day

Course fees

£22 (Both sectors)

Upcoming Dates

To enable us to offer low cost and excellent value training, this course is scheduled based on the level of demand. Please email if you would like to register your interest and be added to our on- demand system . As soon as we have the required number of enquiries we will schedule another date and be in contact with the details.


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How can I register for this course?

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