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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
The SOVA (formerly POVA) course raises awareness of more

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Funding Round-Up – January 2021


In its on-going efforts to support the VCS in Medway, MVA’s has collated information on funding rounds from local and national organisations with a focus on helping charities continue their work in light of the pandemic.

Due to the varying nature and progress of the pandemic, MVA do advise that some of the information below may have changed since the time of its issue, and ask that readers please check each organisation’s website for the latest information.

The Wakeham Trust

With grants of up to £2,500 available, The Wakeham Trust generally fund projects that are small scale and would find it hard to get funding from big trusts.

The Trust does not favour any particular areas of activity, but usually look at projects that have the potential to become self-supporting and projects that are outward looking and help a lot of people

At the time of writing, the scheme can be seen as a continuous rolling programme, so there is no deadline and applications can be accepted at any time.

For more information and how to apply, visit the Trust’s website.

Funding from Warburtons

Warburtons work to support charities and the community, whether through financial support, product donations, or through the personal involvement of individual people - both Warburton family members and employees.

Starting with their Community Grant Program, charity applicants could become eligible for further funding to support efforts and charitable aims that will be of real direct benefit to families.

The deadline for applications is Monday 8th February 2021, with further dates to be announced later in the year.

For more information, visit the Warburtons website.

Wilkinson’s Helping Hands Programme

Helping the local community which Wilkinson serves and being a good neighbour is really important to them.

Wilkinson says every store has a small budget to help their local community to do great things, and they want their donations to improve the lives of as many local people as possible and can make a big difference to lots of good causes.

For a local charity or community group who wants to apply for a donation from the Helping Hands budget, Wilkinson advise that applicants should visit their local store and pick up an application form, which can be found at the customer service desk or through a Wilko Team Member.

This is a continuous rolling programme, so there is no deadline and applications can be accepted at any time.

More information is available at the Wilkinson website.

Wooden Spoon

With grants of £5,000, Wooden Spoon say they work exclusively to support charities, community groups or similarprojects that enhance and support the lives of UK children and young people (under 25) that are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially.

At the time of writing, the scheme can be seen as a continuous rolling programme, so there is no deadline and applications can be accepted at any time.

More details and how to apply are available at the Wooden Spoon website. You can also contact Wooden Spoon by email at

The Community Shares ReBoost Programme from Power to Change

Starting with Development Grants of up to £5,000, Power to Change’s Community Business Renewal Initiative is offering grant funding and matched equity investment to existing UK based community business, with charitable purpose, to prepare a community share offer to support their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched recently, Expressions of Interest (EoI) and applications will be accepted until April 2021.

For further details can be found at the Power to Change website.

Garfield Weston Foundation

With funding that can support capital projects, revenue costs, core costs or project costs, The Garfield Weston Foundation’s Regular Grant programme awards grants of up to £100,000 to UK charities or similarly qualified organisations that carry out activities in the following areas:

  • Welfare
  • Youth
  • Community Arts
  • Faith
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Museums and Heritage

Because applications are reviewed by their Trustees on an ongoing basis, the Foundation says applications can be accepted at any time.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation has provided additional guidelines to help minimise the amount of time it will take to respond to applicants.

For more information and how to apply, visit the Foundation’s website.

“Grassroots Support Now” from Alpkit Foundation

With grants of £500, The Alpkit Foundation can offer initial or further funding to organisations that are serving those most affected by the Covid19 outbreak.

The Foundation says that their trustees meet every 2 months to consider applications, and if your project meets their criteria and they have the funds then applicants should be successful.

Favouring projects that show value for money or have a long lasting benefit, the Foundation ask that organisations apply at least 3 months before the start of a project so that the trustees have time to consider it at their next meeting.

For more information and how to apply, visit the Foundation website.

Grants from Morrissons Foundation

The Morrisons Foundation awards grants to UK registered charities for projects which will improve people’s lives in the UK. There is no minimum or maximum grant level.

The Foundation advises that the purpose of the project and can cover a wide range of areas including young people, older people, health and wellbeing and improving the local environment, but should benefit the local community.

At the time of writing, the scheme can be seen as a continuous rolling programme, so there is no deadline and applications can be accepted at any time.

For more information and how to apply, visit the Morrisons website.

Emergency Assistance Grants from Citizens Advice Medway

Citizens Advice Medway are continuing their work to offer grants intended to provide a financial lifeline to people who meet the funds eligibility criteria and will provide people with food and other essential items during the pandemic.

Citizens Advice Medway are encouraging all services and providers who are in contact with people in crisis, and are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to the outbreak of the virus, to signpost these people to Citizens Advice Medway as the funding will end on 31st March 2021.

To refer clients you can call Citizens Advice Medway on 01634 383760, you can ‘signpost them’ directly to Citizens Advice webpage , or you can email Citizens Advice Medway at ‘’.

If you would like to see coverage of specific funding or grant rounds to help your charity, your project, your community group or enterprise, let us know by email at, you can also contact MVA via the website .



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