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Supporting People Living with Psychosis & Personality Disorders
Supporting People Living with Psychosis & Personality Disorders
Providing awareness regarding living with psychosis and personality disorders, more

07-Jul-2017Change of Venue - Supporting Older People in Medway: A Public Discussion with Medway Clinical Commis You are cordially invited to a public meeting about the support given to older people and those that care for them in Med..

How UK Leaving the EU will affect Data Protection - Updated GDPR Guidance from NCVO


National organisation NCVO have revised information on GDPR to reflect the UK leaving the EU, helping charities and organisations to understand the changes are and how this will impact them.

At 11pm on 31st December 2020, the transition period of the UK leaving the EU ended. At that point the UK GDPR replaced EU GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all organisations based in the European Union (EU) as well as those with EU citizens as customers. The effects of the Regulation also have authority beyond normal boundaries, which means non-EU countries are also affected.

This means that, even though the UK has left the EU, we will still need to comply with GDPR.

One reason for this is the cross-over period between GDPR coming into force and the UK exiting the EU, so the UK are still obliged to comply with the Regulation while it is still a part of the EU. Another reason is the reach of GDPR beyond the borders of nations (sometimes known as “extraterritoriality”) and UK companies that continue to do business with the EU after Brexit have to comply with the Regulation to avoid infringements.

National organisation NCVO looks to explore this. They have recently updated the GDPR pages on their KnowHow website to reflect what the differences are and how this will impact charities and organisations in the UK, helping them to be aware of any new legal obligations and comply to avoid any setbacks.

To view these updated GDPR resources, visit the NCVO website.

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