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09-Aug-2017The Launch of the New Charity Governance Code A partnership of leading charity organisations has recently launched a revised set of governance and guidelines to streng..

The Return of Couch To 5K from Rebel Runners~Medway




Rebel Runners~Medway once again welcome you to join them for their Couch to 5k programme, which is relaunching this May.

Formed in 2014, Rebel Runners~Medway are now one of the largest and best known clubs in the area, renowned for our friendly and supportive nature.

They organise runs across Medway every week; with members, aged 17 to 70, taking part in the sport at all levels; from 5k (3 miles) through to Ultra-Marathons.

Rebel Runners~Medway are offering a free 8-9 week Couch to 5K running programme starting on Saturday 13th May 2017.

Designed for people who have never run before, each week the group will meet near the start of parkrun near the main entrance of the Great Lines Park ME7 1HF.

Rebel Runners~Medway will also offer support between sessions so that new runners have the best possible chance of succeeding in their goals: They want running to be safe and enjoyable for everyone, which is why they also able to provide some practical aids for target groups.

If you or anyone you know is interested, you can contact the club via email at

For more information about Rebel Runners~Medway, visit their website; or catch-up with them on Facebook.


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