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Improving sustainability and resilience in communities (Part 2)
Improving sustainability and resilience in communities (Part 2)
Community and organisational resilience is fundamental to being more

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To Tackle Major Conditions and Save Lives - The NHS Long Term Plan, January 2019


The NHS recently published its much awaited Long Term Plan; a plan to improve the quality of patient care and social care in the UK. Amongst its many aims, it is intended as a framework to prevent major health conditions cases, and improve access to mental health services for adults and children.

The Plan is the result of collecting evidence from the expertise and experience of immediate healthcare and NHS staff, engagement with patient groups and organisations within the Voluntary and Community Sector and others; as well as a consultation which received over 2000 submissions from individuals and groups representing the opinions and interests of over 3 million people.

Released in the beginning of January 2019, the document outlines an ambitious set of priorities that focuses around delivering world-class care.

It also looks to make the NHS more self-sufficient following the funding pledge from the Prime Minister of £20bn per year above inflation until 2023. This takes into consideration the annual “real terms” rise of 3.5% - almost double the NHS’ funding allocation for nearly 10 years.

Amongst the various priorities and Key Points which are laid out in the 130+ page plan, there is specific mention to the Voluntary Sector, with The Plan also outlining a renewed focus in the area of Prevention Programmes; The Plan looks to set a target of preventing 150,000 heart attacks, strokes and dementia cases, as well as stopping an estimated 85,000 premature deaths each year.

There is also attention paid to joined-up or ‘collaborative care delivery’; the co-operative working between the NHS and external partners, to take key priorities forward at local level: this shows an example of how the NHS Plan values the established expertise of Communities and the Voluntary Sector.

At various other points The Plan also acknowledges the vital role that volunteers play across all areas of the NHS - from “..first responders and care companions to trust governors and transport volunteers..”

Further to this, The Plan also talks of future investment of £2.3 million of support funding for volunteering programmes across the country.

For more details about The NHS Long Term Plan, to read the read or download full plan, or the see the summary, visit the dedicated NHS website.



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