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Mental Wellbeing & Resilience Course
Mental Wellbeing & Resilience Course
This one-day session has been designed to support more

04-Apr-2018Train the Trainer – Free Course for Healthcare Professionals from Medway NHS Medway Public Health Team is currently taking requests for places to their FREE Connect 5 ‘Train the Trainer’ course to ..

Medway Voluntary Action’s online searchable database of organisations and services that operate in Medway has been created as a resource for the sector and other stakeholders to use to signpost clients and identify partners for collaboration. It will also be available to the public to identify services that they can access.

The database gives a short description of your organisation, opening times, contact details (e-mail and phone) and your address.

If you would like your organisation or a specific activity or project to be included in the directory, please complete the form below and click submit:

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    (Please make this as generic as possible, e.g. info@/enquiry@)
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These categories relate to the area of work that you deliver, you can choose up to 4.

Volunteering                                         Transport

Translation/Interpreting                         Training

Statutory Body                                       Sport

Self Help                                                Science

Religious/Racial Harmony                     Religious Activities

Recreational/Leisure                              Poverty

Overseas Aid                                         Mediation

Infrastructure                                         Individual Support 

Human Rights                                        Homelessness

Heritage                                                  Health

Group Support                                        Funding & Grants

Environment/Conservation                     Employment

Emergency Services                               Education

Economic Development                         Culture

Crime/Community Safety                       Counselling & Therapy

Community Development                       Clubs/Societies

Care                                                          Campaigning

Business Support                                      Arts & Media

Animal Welfare                                        Advocacy  

Advice/Information                                  Accommodation/Housing

 If you are open to all sections of the community, please tick this box:
All Client Groups

If you have specific communities that you serve you can select up to 4 here (in addition to or instead of ticking all client groups).

Animals/ Wildlife/ Environment                                   Black & Ethnic Minorities

Carers                                                                             Children

Disabled People (All)                                                     Employed People

Faith Communities                                                         Families/ Parents

Homeless People                                                            Housing Support Services (People Receiving)

Learning Disabilities (People With)                               LGBTQ Communities

Lone Parents                                                                   Long-Term/ Chronic Illness (People With)

Low Income (People On)                                               Men

Mental Health Condition (People With)                       Offenders/ Ex-offenders/ At Risk of Offending

Older People                                                                   Patients & Staff

Physical Disability (People With)                                    Refugees/ Asylum Seekers

Schools/ Colleges/ Universities                                     Sensory Disability (People With)

Service Personnel                                                             Social Entrepreneurs

Substance Misusers                                                          Traveller Communities

Unemployed People                                                         Victims of Abuse

Victims of Crime                                                               Voluntary & Community Groups

Volunteers                                                                          Women

Young People

 - If you provide services across the whole of Medway tick this box. 

All Of Medway

Please note: Medway Voluntary Action does not to endorse organisations and activities and reserve the right to edit or not include your entry.