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Supervision and Appraisal Skills
Supervision and Appraisal Skills
The aim of this course is to offer more

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Medway’s Volunteering Community

Shared Practice and Experiences

Medway has a wide range of voluntary and community organisations - varying significantly in size, needs and ambitions.  By sharing volunteering experiences and sharing best practice, Medway organisations can be reminded that they are rarely 'on their own' or have a unique issue they are facing.  So  a big thank you to everyone who shares their story here so that all Medway organisations can benefit from sharing your experiences...

'Quality Marks'



"We have been fortunate to have been welcoming volunteers for many years now and have, over time, developed a wide range of support for our volunteers. Last year we started to investigate applying for a quality mark in relation to our volunteering practice as we hoped that this would reflect our serious commitment to our volunteers. There are so many quality mark options on the market - but many of them are really expensive. Earlier this year we chose to apply for the ‘REVAMP ‘quality mark (offered by KentCAN) which is much more affordable for smaller organisations. The purpose of the quality mark is to showcase and increase best practice in volunteer management across Kent. We submitted our application (which required a fair amount of compiling evidence and documentation) in the last panel review and were successful."



Neville Dack

Business Development Officer

Medway Voluntary Action  

If you have a story about your organisation's volunteering experiences that you’d like to share, you can send in your story to us at

Training Experiences

NKTS hold a 'Managing Volunteers' training course - details of which can be found here.  Some of learners feedback on this course includes:

"I now know how to produce appropriate paperwork, ie: policies, agreements, code of conduct”

"I will enhance our administrative procedures and improve engagement & recognition of volunteers"

"I can improve my recruitment strategy with heightened understanding"

“I understand how to set different paperwork for volunteers and paid staff and have benefited from hearing others experiences”

The Barry Clout Award

Barry Clout joined the Board of Trustees of MVA in 2013. Barry was one of life’s givers - he gave his time, energy and knowledge freely and generously to things that made a difference. He affected lives for the good in everything he did and was loved and respected everywhere he went. He was especially passionate about young people and the countryside and would count the proposed development at Lodge Hill as one of his many successes.

When Barry sadly passed away in the September of 2015, he left a legacy in the people that he inspired and the difference he made. In memory of Barry, MVA created an annual award in his name for outstanding contribution to the Medway Voluntary Sector.

You’ll find details of past nominees and winners of the Award below. The Award ceremony takes place at MVA's Annual General Meeting and nomination details are published in MVA's newsletter.  If your organisation would like to nominate a volunteer for this year's Award, you can  contact us or subscribe to MVA's newsletter at the bottom of this page.

2016 Winner of the Barry Clout Award

Elizabeth Esposito

Elizabeth for the last year has run All Saint’s Community Project’s new community cafe working full time despite being retired herself. She has

worked tirelessly from Monday to Friday each week and has given opportunities to people with disabilities or poor health to volunteer at the cafe.

In addition Elizabeth volunteers each week on a Friday evening at TGF Friday youth club for 11 to 18 year olds. She also volunteers at a monthly Alzheimers Group meeting.

A true ambassador for volunteering, Elizabeth also talked about the value of volunteering during this year’s volunteer week.

Linda Fiddyment describes Elizabeth as “a lady who has made a tremendous difference in our community and who is an example of someone who is always giving to others and encouraging them to be the best that they can be!”

Elizabeth & 2015 Award Winner Alex Hyne

2016 Nominee Shortlist included:

Barry White: For the last 2 years Barry has been a volunteer with Age UK Medway helping people with dementia at The Mackenney Centre in Chatham Medway. In the last year he has contributed over 1095 volunteer hours.

Ron May: supports Age UK Medway clients that have been discharged home from hospital and encourages the client’s wellbeing to reduce hospital re-admissions. Since June 2015, Ron has contributed over 1000 hours of volunteering.

Chris Weet: volunteers on behalf of Hands & Gillingham Volunteer centre and Holy Trinity Church,Twydall and cooks lunch for 45 people at the monthly lunch club by donating 2 weeks annual leave from his full time job.

Farnaaz Sharief: Started ‘Manage your Mind’ workshops in 2012 and has helped over 1000 adults and young people with depression, stress and anxiety in Medway.

John Hitchcock: Has volunteered for over 40 years with the Rochester Blind Craft Club and at 84yrs old collects clients from home and takes them to the group.

Pina Bitti: Has worked for Strood Community project for over 10 years, offering guidance and support and help to homeless people.

Robert Wood: Has spent 20 years working with the youth of Medway and supports the Copperhouse Adventure Training.

Colin Matthews: Has volunteered across Medway for the last 40 years for many organisations and is committed to help shape the future of Health & social care across Medway.

2015 Winner of the Barry Clout Award

Alex Hyne

Alex was the inaugural winner of this award. Delighted to have received this recognition, Alex explains: “Having personally known Mr Clout, this is a wonderful reminder of the tireless work he carried out to ensure that his community had a powerful and effective voice. He will always be an inspiration to me.”